The MCE Research Centre carries out Research Seminars on different topics of interest.

In the last few months, the following Research Seminars were organized:

December 17, 2018, Madonnina del parto con importante "Nomen Sacrum". Studi iconografici
Nadia Scardeoni Palumbo

February 19, 2019, Il Beato Álvaro e Salto dei Fondi: un'iniziativa sociale e pastorale nell'Agro Pontino
Fernando Crovetto, Istituto Storico San Josemaría Escrivá

March 28, 2019, Savings and Credit Operations at the Diocesan Level. Investing in Parishes and Possibilities for the Poor
Anthony Stoeppel

April 4, 2019, Practical Responses to Financial Market Limitations and Market Segmentation
Mark Hanssen


The next Research Seminar scheduled is:

May 9, 2019, Agricultural Development and Catholic Social Teaching. Dignity of Work and Subsidiarity as Principles in the Work of Fundación Codespa
Mark Hanssen 


Another important activity of the MCE Research Centre is the Program of Church Management (PCM). PCM's first cohort (2018-2019) was just concluded, and the second cohort started on February 2019. The course teaches clerics, seminarians, religious and lay persons how to manage the temporal assets of the Church honestly and wisely, in conformity with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and with accordance to canon law.

For further information please contact us: [at] - 06/68164486.


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