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Liturgical music is an important part of the liturgy, to praise God, to listen to Him, to engage with Him a dialogue – personally and like members of the Church – beyond the human notions and words. But it has not a theological foundation yet, in the 21st century. EMB Project is working in this foundation.

There are two different points of view:

  • Theology of Sacred Music. It is a systematic study of Sacred Music, and more specifically of Liturgical Music. The question is: what is sacred / liturgical music?

  • Musical Liturgical Theology (MLT). It is a new epistemological approach, a new branch of Theology. It is an extension of the global viewpoint of Liturgical Theology, carried out with the specific means and instruments of Music and Musicology. It is the theological study of Liturgical Music in the ‘in actu’ of cult.

The present moment is particularly auspicious to look for the theological foundation of liturgical music and for recovering the suitable liturgical music, which has been lost in many places. Working at the theological level allows not to work in the problem of musical styles, but in a deep level and at the same time – if the way of working is adequate – in a practical way. This is very important for the right worship (orthodoxy), for the sacramental life of faithful and for the new evangelization.

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