Revista "Church Communication and Culture"

Church Communication and Culture

Church, Communication & Culture (CC&C) is an Open-Access International Journal of the Pontifical University of Santa Croce’s School of Church Communications.

The Journal is dedicated to deepening knowledge and understanding about the dialogue between religion, communication and culture in the public arena. Based on comprehensive data analysis and theoretical inquiry, it offers an international forum where researchers and practitioners can advance quality communication research on the Catholic Church and other religious communities.

Church, Communication & Culture derives its name from the reality that the Catholic Church is not simply one monolithic institution, but a network of various institutions. While maintaining unity through their creed and overarching aims, they operate in a variety of ways on different levels. These particular institutions within the Catholic Church have a multitude of specific objectives to carry out in concrete societies, with diverse peoples.

The activity of “The Catholic Church” translates, therefore, not to one communication, but a plethora of multifarious communications. Consequently, Church, Communication & Culture aims to apply critical thought to the communicative dimension of the Catholic Church’s activity to engage society and promote dialogue with cultures. Content thus reflects theoretical inquiry based on empirical research and intellectual debate, rather than technological development.

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